Straight To You

Brian McComas, 3 minutes

Straight To You
  • Straight To You


Brian McComas

It might have looked like I was changing my tail
It might have looked I was lost
There were times when deciding which way to go
Came down to a quarter tossed
It's been a long time coming
I been a long time running

Oh, oh, oh, oh straight to you
In a round about way
After twenty odd years and as many headaches
Straight to you
Took a couple wrong turns
And a whole book of matches for the bridges to burn
Yeah,I burned a few

Oh, oh, oh, oh straight to you

I'm living proof that even a fool
Can stumble on the promise land
How nothing can go like you wanted it to
Still turn out just like you planned
I've seen my share of leaving
All those goodbyes were leading


Straight to you
Down a twisted road
With one small voice telling me where to go
I didn't always listen got caught in some lies
But if I would've flown the way to crow flies
I would have flew
Oh, oh, oh, straight to you

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