Make It Alright

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Make It Alright
  • Make It Alright


Carl Thomas

Ooh ooh
Ooh oo oh

Ooh, for every time he broke your precious heart
And did it no regrets
Ooh, for every time he started going off
And showed you no respect
Ooh, and every time he used to scream on you
As if you were a child
Ooh, for every time he didn't tell you the truth
One lie after lie

[Chorus x2]
I'm gonna make it all, make it all
Make it alright
Make it all, make it all
Make it alright

Oh, every time when he'd stay out all night
And left you home alone
Oh, for every time you would have been alright
If he just picked up the phone, no
Oh ho oh oh
For every time you wanted to up and leave
But you didn't quite know how to
Oh oh oh for every time you wanted someone like me
To love and cherish you
Oh I'll

[Chorus x4]

You don't have to look, no
Don't have to look no further
'Cause I am right before ya
With me, things will be better
'Cause I'm not here to hurt ya
I'm just here to love ya


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