Better Alone

Coming To Terms, 3m 51sec

Better Alone
  • Better Alone


Carolina Liar

Don't you hope
We can start again
Endings are old
But they help you see

Can't quite believe
All of this and what it means
You've become so bitter

You think you're better alone
For the sake of your sanity
It won't resolve
If you just learn to breathe, again
You never had the nerve to begin with
You think you're better alone

Been here before
Seeking safety or something to blame
You feel so hollow
You could swear that you've grown

Where did you think
As big as your dream
You've become so bitter


Never had the nerve to begin with
Got to come to your senses


Written by Karlsson, Tobias Erik / Wolfinbarger, Chad
Published by Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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