Love Of My Life

Open Letter, 4 minutes

Love Of My Life
  • Love Of My Life



Such vivid thoughts
Came running
Through my mind
All the time
I had the chance
To make you mine
I let that chance
Go and slip away
And I still regret it
To this day
'Cause I knew
You were that
Special kind
Of love everywhere
As if you fell down
From up above
But at that time
I was to blind to see
Oh and now
I may have lost
The true love of my life
'Cause I know
In my mind
I was afraid
I could belong to
The wrong someone else
'Cause I know
In her heart
She was afraid

The other night I saw you
With your friend
Wondering if
You are happy
In love with him
We said hello and
Then I moved along
Felt so wrong but
I knew I had to carry
Couldn't look each
Other up in the eye
Knowing if we did
We be paralyzed
Knowing these
Feelings are still here
And I

[Repeat chorus]
But if the day
Comes along that
You are by my side
Then I will not
Have to say, whoa

[Repeat chorus to fade]

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