Can't Live Without You

Uncle Charlie, 4m 18sec

Can't Live Without You
  • Can't Live Without You


Charlie Wilson

Oh oh I

I can't live without ya. I can't live without ya.

Girl you got me shook, after all of the fighting and the screaming
Snatched up the keys then you got in the range knowing that its raining
(why'd I let you go) I don't know how long it took but I know that I drove all around,
Trying to calm you down wouldn't answer my calls, now I'm scared girl where'd you go

Damn girl why'd you leave like that? whatever I said didn't mean it like that,
How you expect for me not to fight back when you scream like that, girl I love you more than that.
The other night at the club when I hit off a blunt. I love you more that.
When I smile at a butt cause your all that I want.

I can't forgive myself if I hurt you girl, what do I do.
I can't live with ya, I can't live without ya.
And girl it breaks my heart if I broke your heart what do I do?
I can't live without ya girl, I can't live without ya baby I don't care if I'm not alright
If I could just love you tonight, I can't forgive myself if I hurt you girl what do I do
I can't live with ya, I can't live without ya girl

Wish I could tell you how I feel, everything that I'm working for is yours
How could I ignore when I wanna be yours girl I slam the door (right on our love)
Girl a man don't understand the difference between a penny and a dime must of lost my mind
You and me was on the grind once upon a time (why'd I let you go)


Girl when I find ya I'm gone stand right by ya girl
You're my life and I can't live without you


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