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Ain't No Other Man

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Ain't No Other Man
  • Ain't No Other Man


Christina Aguilera

Do your thang, honey!

I could feel it from the start
Couldn't stand to be apart
Something 'bout ya caught my eye
Something moved me deep inside
Don't know what ya did, boy, but you had it
And I've been hooked ever since
Told my mother, my brother, my sister, and my friends
Told the others, my lovers, both past and present tense
That every time I see you everything starts making sense

Do your thang honey!

Ain't no other man that can stand up next to you
Ain't no other man on the planet does what you do
You're the kinda guy a girl finds in a blue moon
You got soul, you got class, you got style, you're bad ass
Ain't no other man, it's true (alright)
Ain't no other man but you!

Never thought I'd be alright, no, no, no
Till you came and changed my life, yeah, yeah, yeah!
What was cloudy now is clear, yeah, yeah!
You're the light that I needed, yeah! Uh!
You got what I want, boy, and I want it!
So keep on giving it up!
So tell your mother, your brother, your sister, and your friends
Tell the others, your lovers; better not be present tense
'Cause I want everyone to know that you are mine and no one else's! Oh, oh, ah!


Ain't no other, ain't, ain't no other other
Ain't no other, ain't, ain't no other lover!
Ain't no other, I, I, I need no other
Ain't no other man but you! Oh

You are there when I'm a mess
Talk me down from every ledge
Give me strength, boy, you're the best!
You're the only one who's ever passed every test!

[Chorus x 2]

Written by Martin, Christopher E. / Marin, Bobby / Aguilera, Christina Maria / Beatty, Harold / Roane, Charles / Dioguardi, Kara Elizabeth
Published by Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., REACH MUSIC PUBLISHING, THE CLYDE OTIS MUSIC GROUP, BUG MUSIC, Universal Music Publishing Group

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