Under the Influence

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Under the Influence
  • Under the Influence


Citizen King

now out past the cast of boredom cards get

dealt i sift and sort them table rooftops

coming down wooden nickels lost and

found apple pie I'm eating cake now

coming to the table late now juke joint fights

and diamond lights immune to poision ivy

snake bites batteries from start to chuck got

the outer limits voodoo luck stand by on a

highball holiday served fresh from a plastic

tray I've been around and up and down

overboard when ship came down out of

mind and sight in the strobophonic light I'm

under the influence tonight on the concrete

on the glass beyond the neon green bus

pass nowhere fast is where I'm going like a

crack that's slowly leaking juice on the floor

do a little less i take a little more time day to

day and eye to eye when these walls

become alive the sparkle helmet spins

around midnight streak in a twist top town

crystal clear through amber glasses bad with

names but worse with faces zig zag

wandering on the curve transparent mason

dixon curves i've got more nerve than a tiki

torch in a quiet storm so i'm searchin for the

third kind blast off and cut the cord

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