I'll Never Love This Way Again

Awakening, 4m 29sec

I'll Never Love This Way Again
  • I'll Never Love This Way Again


Color Me Badd

Tell me, baby, do you know that I've tried
To show you how I feel?
Since your love has gone,
Yes, I know that you loved me when I left you
With tears in your eyes.
Now I miss your smile.
Yes I know, yes I know... that you're gone.

Guess I've gone and done it again.
Truth is that I never thought I'd miss your love;
Now it's all I'm dreamin' of.
Watched my luck run out on a chance.
Now I see that life will never be the same.
I know I'll never love this way again.
Anything I'd do just to get down
And get it on one more time.
If just for a little while,
'Cause I know that the sun stopped shining
When your heart stopped beating with mine.
And I thought you knew
I'd never make it without you.


Baby, I can't give up,
And I got to believe
I was a prisoner since you shined your light on me.
And now I've got to turn around
Until salvation is found.
I never imagined livin' without you.
Oh, I can't breathe without you, babe.
I'll never love this way again.
My baby's long, long, long, gone.
My heart stopped beating when
I lost her lovin' arms, but
From this day I ain't gonna stop believin', no,
'Cause you're the only one...
The only one, the only one I ever loved.


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