It's OK

Things In The Game Done Changed, 4 minutes

It's OK
  • It's OK


Dave Hollister

Hands down you got to be the most beautiful girl I've seen, need to know how to
Get in my life out of my dreams, heaven must made a mistake and let you go, got
The be one of a kind ain't no more like you your oringnal.

It's okay, to be my lady
It's okay, want you have my baby
It's okay, later maybe we can go somewhere and get crazy
It's okay, lets make it happen
It's okay, we can get this thing crackin'
It's okay, let me know open up your mouth girl tell me so

If I let you out of my sight you might get away, so I'm doing all that I can to
Convince you to stay, you don't know me when I'm feeling like that is about to
Changed I trade anything that I got just to hear you call my name

Pretty brown eyes chocolate cover thighs skin smooth as butter just the way I
Like, maybe I'm just stupid but I could have swore you were staring at me when
I walked in the door, come on over here I got something for you baby don't be
Scared I just want to love you if you feeling me like I'm feeling you go ahead
And tell me what you want to do.


Let me put you on, on my witness stand, baby testify, say that I'm your man
Looking at the some time tell me that you do my time with me, if there anything
That I'm guilty of girl it got to be sweetest kind of love sentenced me to life
Put me away it's okay.

It's okay, to be my lady
It's okay, want you have my baby
It's okay, later m

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