Narrow Stairs, 3m 49sec

  • Cath...


Death Cab for Cutie

Cath, she stands with a well-intentioned man
But she can't relax with his hands on the small of her back
And as the flash bulbs burst
She holds a smile like someone would hold a crying child

And soon everybody will ask what became of you
And your heart was dying fast, and you didn't know what to do

Cath, it seems that you live in someone else's dream
In a hand-me-down wedding dress
Where the things that could have been are oppressed
You said your vows, and you closed the door
On so many men who would have loved you more


The whispers that it won't last roll up and down the pews
But if their hearts were dying that fast,
They'd have done the same as you
And I'd have done the same as you.

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