I've Been Wrong Before

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I've Been Wrong Before
  • I've Been Wrong Before


Deborah Allen

Standing there looking like real bad news
Someone who could break my heart in two
All I see is me being hurt by you
But I've been wrong before

Stared into my share of innocent eyes
The kind you wouldn't ever think could make you cry
Never thought that they would tell me lies
But I've been wrong before

I've been wrong before
I am no stranger to a slamming door
As far as I can see this is just one more
But I've been wrong before

Bet you ten dollars you're the real smooth kind
Who memorize all those lover's lies
Can't wait to use them on this heart of mine
But I've been wrong before

If you talk me into going home tonight
And said you'll love to hold me the rest of your life
Odds are it will never work out right
But I've been wrong before

I could turn around and walk away right now
If I want to keep my heart safe and sound
But I'm just too afraid to turn it down
Cause I've been wrong before

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