Only If You Want It

Gangsta Memorial Edition, 3m 05sec

Only If You Want It
  • Only If You Want It



[Chorus:Repeat x4]
Only if you want it
Yes I really want it

Can I get an eye open up
Eazy locin' up
Smokin' up
Much dust like a nut what
Give it up for the real stuff
Shut the what up
Back the shut up what
Hustler from the hood hoe
Hopin' and mud rub
The finishin' touches
Would sure went rubbers
Comin' in bunches
Could serve like lunches
Hold ya horses here's where the source is
Not very tall but never took a short kid
With a clip to claw
Wouldn't draw McGraw
I trick a law before all and all I'm raw
A naughty shorty, sporty with a forty
A laddy takin' tours, just to plan an orgy
A nasty critter, any hoe hitter
Hated my babysitter cause she wouldn't let me hit her
Now get up on it, on and on get on it
And I will pump it, only if you want it.


Here's something from the ding dong cause
I really care how long ya been strong grown
Here comes the switch dome chrome
Couldn't hang with the king
Out the rudder but I call for a yes y'all toots
My style is just as fresh as a dusch bush
I face ya fact throw a heck just like woody wooder
And if I left that means I should of booger
Here's a new track, for all the new jacks
I'm kickin' it the hardest so gimmie my shoes back
So I live when I step it's the pimp
And I rep so make a right and get left quick
So try to play strong and long gone
The flow is kinda funky but far from Armstrong
Get up on it, on and on get on it
And I will pump it, only if you want it.


Ooooooh a new jack! a new jack!

Kid I swear I saw a puddy cat
Back back smack, here comes a witty black
Endin' in a skull high I'm bout to show why
Eazy's fillin' caps cause my gat's in the low ride
Bang when the gat sneaks, two in the back seat
My homie rides shotgun waitin' to spot one
Duh is a fool who don't ride to slide to a ride
I'm shudder shakin' the place when I start hey
So don't butter, Eazy-E but a park hey
The only thing to flow these now to be fly is a feather
I see the smilin' faces of while they sick
Ya know me better, hard Rodney kid
Gettin' Cali kid, now ya know it boy
Left up in the alley dead
Now get up on it, on and on get on it
And I will pump it, only if you want it.


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