Eric Benét

You're the Only One

Love & Life,4 mins, 13 secs

You're the Only One
  • You're the Only One


Eric Benét

I'm going back to the day we parted
And all the ways you were broken hearted
Take a trip everyday in my mind

I see your face I recall it few word
Its playing back like a broken record
I remember every tear in your eye

(If I do what I know)
I'd walk back in time
(I will write every wrong)
Oh, I would change every line
(and you'll be here right now)
Just like yesterday
(But you'd feel no more doubts)
When you hear me say

You're the only one I want (you're the only one, yeah)
You're the only one I need in my life (in my life, baby)
You're the only one I love (I love, love, love)
You're the only one I need in my life

I see the world through a haze of memories
And then the girls don't mean a damn thing to me
It's kinda sad how they just don't compare
(Time will tell, let's wait and see)
(If our love we had was meant to be)
Cause I know we got a future out there

(Cause you're still my girl)
I don't care what they say
(Let's go back to our world)
Baby don't you throw this love away
(Cause I still believe)
In the magic of us
(This is the matter of time)
And it's a matter of trial


Now girl it took sometime to get real with myself
Now love ain't easy sometimes
But if you find it we'll stay together

[Chorus: Repeats]

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