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Nowhere to Hide

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Nowhere to Hide
  • Nowhere to Hide


Eric Carmen

Lovers come and lovers go
But it's never twice the same
Happiness is hard to show
When you're numb to all the pain
And I've been floatin' round
Like an old newspaper
Blowin' down some windy street
Feelin' so alone and incomplete
But there's nowhere to hide
Where the night can't find me.
Where the light of the sun can't blind me
Like the light in a woman's eyes
There's nowhere to hide
>From the dream that drives me
Like a fire burning deep inside me
Oh I know she'll be here tonight.
Can the future be foretold
In a faded photograph
Can a dream be bought or sold
Well I guess I have to laugh
Sippin' on a scotch and soda
A shadow in the corner booth
So philosophic and drunk on grown-up truth.
Half-forgotten fragments
Of a high school dance
In the dead white hours of winter
When we loved so hard
That we thought it would never end
Trying to remember
How it used to feel
When a kiss was something special
And I wonder now
Will it ever be again
Copyright 1976 C.A.M.-U.S.A.
Keyed by George Bounacos (

Written by CARMEN, ERIC
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group

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