Be Me


Scorpion, 4m 10sec

Be Me
  • Be Me


Mashonda Tifrere

[Chorus: x2]
I'm just trying to be me, to be me!
Cause I really want to see the world
Always knew I was a super girl
Stay laced in diamonds and Pearls,that's the way you gotta treat a girl

When I was broke
Cats was like do that
Now that I got something
Cats is like screw that
They wish that I would've blew that
Back with them complaining
Spassing, Stressed out not maintaining
I move on
Speak shit, So forth and so on
You the one that made me go forth and blow on
Blew up called me cherry bond
Change my hair from blonde
Mad, because I don't go and investigate the hole Gucci line
Let me live niggas
Did this with my own rhymes
Because publishing a mother fucker baby
And I own mine
Work hard I deserve the best in life
She stay clean I deserve to be dressed up right?
She spits mean God definitely blessed her right?
We can all buy diamonds and furs
Nothing can tell
We can all buy the bar but we all can sell
Your careers yea more change your style wear a veal

[Chorus: x2]

Mad cause we got shit
Drop what I drop shit
Mad cause we killing it
All we do is drop hits
Long cash 21 investing to stop shit
Calling bragging way to long so I can cop shit
So now I'm suppose to down play
All the things I want in life
Got my own money now
Ain't gotta be nobody wife
Only if I want too
Not cause I need too
Choose the situations
I do and what I go through
I told you I was gonna make it big ,onna grow
This is dedicated to all the haters who don't know
But they knew what it was haters created my buzz
Talking bout me!
Made people wonder who she was?
And I'm here now
Going on my 2nd year now
Fuck it
We can take it there
Keep it at a stare down
Now I think that my message is clear now
That bitch,
E-V-E Sing it what ya hear now

[Chorus: x2]

Traveling to me away
Was Atlantic City now
Float me on a boat in the Atlantic feel me?
Gotta come to the table with something
Cause I got mine
Gotta spoil eve royally
Not just lay pipe lines
Saying I ain't your type line
That just means you Jelly
I said it before I can feel my own belly
Need you for what?
Yea get in where you fit
If you can I'm gonna keep it comfortable
That's my plan
I'm just trying to be me
Bubbling Phila bitch
Course I'ma Boss and Floss
I'm not silly bitch
Bet she come fully equipted
From chips to whip
Keys to her own crib
Big shit to grip
I'm living it now
Soldiers simmer it down
Went from
Who she?
Too oh I remember her now!
Niggas couldn't stand her
Now they want to give her a pound
Want to know her
Cause now my feet is planted in the ground

[Chorus: x3]

Written by Gomez, Michael A / Pile, R / Michell, Amaury / Jeffers, Eve
Published by Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., EMI Music Publishing

Lyrics Provided By LyricFind Inc.

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