Father MC

Treat Them Like They Want To Be Treated

Treat Them Like They Want To Be Treated, 5m 08sec

Treat Them Like They Want To Be Treated
  • Treat Them Like They Want To Be Treated


Father MC

Treat 'em like they wanna be treated
You should treat 'em right
(Repeat 4x's)
Yeah, oh yeah
What you need to do...
You should treat them right.
Oh, yeah

Why girls play with my feelings?
I don't know so that's why I ask
Maybe it's true that I set myself up
But then again it's the question I asked
I want someone for me who is straight
A kind of cutie. Yes, yep, a smart mate
I've been around searching for the right one
But it seems like a waste of my time
Every time that I meet the right 1
It seems as if she plays with my mind
So it makes me on the defense side
Because my offense is sort of slow
It doesn't pay to tell someone "I love you"
Because in my vocab "I love u" is a no, no
I think I give in. My feelings, they show
I think I'd better not look back
I've been down a little too long
And now it's time that I get on track
So I must...


I like to mingle when I do mingle
I love to mingle when I do flirt
I get off hand and tell the stories
About my past & that's when it hurts
But I need to find for me a lonesome lady type
Who wants me for self
A woman who wants me because of Father
Not for the fame or for my wealth
So I can "Show her how I feel"
Yeah, ladies I'm not that picky
But being picky is just for self
I must protect what I respect
And that is me & not someone else
I've been mistreated up on the downhill
Back in the days I used to be strong
I used to flirt, hurt, kind of jerk
Get the cash, the sex then I'm gone
But payback is a mother
And now I don't know who to trust
So I just...


Yeah, you know women? Yeah they tell me I'm lovely & cuddly but I just don't understand why they want to play with my feelings. But it won't happen again.
Nah, never.

(No, no no no no no...)

So listen ladies I'll treat you
How you treat me back in return.
I'm not rude. No, I'm not stuck up
But my feelings are my main concern
So don't think that I'd give in
Cause now I know how to show
My feelings when I get involved
I'll take it slow before I say "Oh, No"
I'll treat you like you treat me
I'll be straight loyal & all
So don't take advantage of Father
Because I'll step up but not crawl
So give me what you can give me
Love, attention, a lot of respect
I don't ask for a whole lot
But I'm gone if you wanna step
That's why I like to take it slow
Not rush because I want more
The next time that I fall in love
Hmm, you bets I'll be sure

(I'm gonna treat you...)

So ladies... now y'all know how I'm living... & y'all know what I'm about. And that's the end. So if you feel you can commit, come & give it a shot.

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