Foxy Brown

Can You Feel Me Baby


Chyna Doll, 3m 49sec

Can You Feel Me Baby
  • Can You Feel Me Baby


Pretty Boy

My peoples is watching you watching me
Lots of envy and hate is what it gots to be
I heard you tried to destroy my whole monopoly
But if I take it to ya face ya 'gon cop a plea
I know it but it's cool I know to watch you close
And if it comes to extremes I always got my toast
But you don't know that I know that you an evil nigga
'cause I'm laughin' and frontin' like I believe you nigga
You be thinkin' you fresh in your Moschino wear
And if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't be nowhere
Huh, even ya crew knows you just too soft
I'm just waitin' for the right time to cut you off, for real
So keep thinkin' 'forever', you'll be down
But if you know this 'bout you, you got to kill me now
I'm sayin' 50 procent of my niggaz think it's them
And if you think it ain't you, you betta think again

Pretty Boy
Niggaz I role with
Niggaz I stole with
Niggaz that hold shit
Niggaz that blow chicks, can you feel me baby?
(When you inside me Pretty)
Can I trust you baby?
(I never lie Pretty)
Plus you stay jiggy
(You keep me fly Pretty)
And I'ma treat you like my fifth on my side baby
And I'ma take you on some trips to the sky baby
And no matter what we do (ya know ya mine baby)

If it ain't my dogs, I ain't fuckin' with 'em
Shit, bitches ain't my crew, I ain't fuckin' with 'em
Think I trust ya'll? Caniving bitches, starvin' bitches
Always got ya eyes on my wrist-ass bitches
Think 'cause a bitch trapped, I won't layout bitches
Down with the 4 pound, and spray out bitches
Everything ain't rap, ya'll some snake-ass bitches
I ain't playin' with all ya'll hoes, O.K. ya'll bitches
Sling back to the hood, got the game back
Niggaz front the bodede, they keep yellin': "Fox get ya name back,
Brooklyn nigga, bet I stash you, young chick
Ballers and tailors and knee patches
'Memba that? Quart of juices, 3 quarter bomb magoosters
Two finger rings, with ya 2 tone jeans, frontin' like it's nuthin'
When everybody was born, now ya'll hoes fallin'
And want to knock 'me for mines


Uh, now I wonda: "Am I at my peak?"
Is it just a dream or are they really after me?
Is it real? You never know what lies ahead of you
I'm kinda young, but my heart beats irregular
What do I do? Do I sit here and die slow?
They tried to kill me, mixin' angeldust and hydro
My eyes closed, what I'm sayin' must be sinkin' in
And if it didn't nigga, take ya time and think again

[Chorus: x3]

Written by MARCHAND, INGA D. / , Y
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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