What We Need

Superhero Brother, 3 minutes

What We Need
  • What We Need


G. Love & Special Sauce

What we need
To pull it together now
Thats the funky sound [Repeat: x2]
What we need
To pull it together now
Thats the funky sound Repeat: x2]

Everybody need a flavor
That they can savor for the moment
Need a home that they can run to
Need a tool that they can try to
Now they try to lock us in the dark
Raise the light just when you spark with
Your music, your music


Feel the earth move under your feet
Feel the pound of your heat that beat is so sweet
East side wild fire burn gonna find a fat tree
One of the beat box stars gonna ride it with me


Cover me up with some wet rock but keep me fresh
Keep me out this hole and take me up with a shovel
Get me high as a motherfucker doin' his thing
Cause love keeps goin' love keeps me flowin'
This love is the only reason I can find my lift
When I'm walkin' down the street and my head is bent
Its just love that I need I cant resist the myth
Its for love that I lean its for love that I bang
East-side wanna catch a fat tree with one the beat box
Stars ridin' with me


Written by Dutton, Garrett
Published by Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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