Gavin DeGraw

Next To Me (Wait A Minute Sister)

Gavin DeGraw, 3m 25sec

Next To Me (Wait A Minute Sister)
  • Next To Me (Wait A Minute Sister)


Gavin DeGraw

Listen up destiny
I know you wanna get pressed to me
So don't be such a stone when I call you on the phone
The rock won't be using that number, too scared.

Maybe what you had was broke
You wanna get high and they don't
So I had a drink posed to help me think
Now you say I've been drinkin' too much

But my hands start shakin' and my hearts starts quakin'
Like a white man playin' his cool.
And I wanna tell you

Wait a minute sister
I know I ain't your mister yet
Just give me the chance and see.
But you won't even get next to me.
What'chya wanna do now
You're gonna have to give somehow
Think I got that thing you need
But you won't even get next to me

Once I get you in my grip
Follow my eyes to your hips.
Don't you crawl away
You done it everyday.
Just stay, why don't you stay, why don?t you stay, baby.
Put away your old disguise
You don't want no other guys.
We're havin' so much fun
I know you shouldn't run
But you run, you just run, you just run, baby.


Here, heart in hand.
Off the rim, what I can,
Patience, running thin.
Come on girl, let me in.

[Chorus: x2]

You won't get next to me.
Why why why why why why why
Wait a minute.
Oh whoa
You won't even get next to me.

Written by DEGRAW, GAVIN
Published by Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

Lyrics Provided By LyricFind Inc.

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