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House of Pain

House of Pain


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Jump Around
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Put on Your Shit KickersE
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Shamrocks and ShenanigansE
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Top O' the Morning to YaE
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Same As It Ever WasE


  • House of Pain (Fine Malt Lyrics)

    Sep 2017 • 19 songs

  • Rhino Hi-Five: House Of Pain

    Sep 2017 • 5 songs

  • Same As It Ever Was

    Sep 2017 • 15 songs

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House of Pain


"Jump Around," an impossibly infectious and catchy single, instantly elevated House of Pain from an unknown white hip-hop group to near-stars when it became a massive crossover hit in 1992. It made the band and it also broke the band, consigning them to the level of one-hit wonders. House of Pain continued to release records after their eponymous 1992 debut and "Jump Around," yet none of them gained much attention, partially because of the band's self-consciously loutish behavior. Led by rapper Everlast, the group celebrated their Irish-American heritage by wearing green, drin...

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