Hurricane Chris

Halle Berry (She's Fine)


Unleashed, 4m 41sec

Halle Berry (She's Fine)
  • Halle Berry (She's Fine)


Hurricane Chris

Bow bow bow
Bow bow
Bow bow bow
Bow bow
Bow bow bow
Bow bow
Bow bow bow
Bow bow
Bow bow bow

Bum bum bum
Bum bum bum
Bum bum bum
Bum bum bum

She fine den a bitch, ass and her tits
Thick in tha hips every nigga want to
Call her Halle Berry, Halle Berry
Halle Berry, Halle Berry
She walk it like a model
Hands on her knees
Scrub the ground
She ain't nothing but a tease
Halle Berry, Halle Berry
Halle Berry, Halle Berry

Well let's get ratchet
Let's get ratchet
Look at her prettier then Halle and thicker than Janet
She say she like all of my club bangers I be jamming
Told her to bust it open let me see what's really happenin'
She the ship and I'm the captain
I'm that captain
Booty bigger than the pussy
And cuchi dat make me happy
And I'm all the way in your city
I'm from Louisiana so you gotta show me how your
City do it for the camera
Make it drop and bring it back to the top
I'm no amateur
Girl you can give it to me it ain't nothing I can't handle
She just got out of the shower smellin' like a scented candle
And I'm finna flip her backwards
Have her sliding off tha mattress
No moving no acting baby this is real action
Beat it up so bad
You be scared to walk past me
I know your Halle Berry
Baby there's no acting
I beat it up so bad
You be scared to walk past me for real


Halle Berry girl you jazzy
That's way past fine
Girl you look like something that should be on tha dance line
Incredible by tha waist
Plus she got a pretty face
Even tho she got class she listen to UGK
I'm finna flip her through traffic
With tha top back of tha donk
Girl I guarantee I can make you go numb numb numb numb
I got enough bread to take me and you to London
And back to America and all over the country
She make me want to keep her close by
Like a side kick
She tha type of chick that ain't gone never look sloppy
I'm a beat it out the frame
Hurricane that's who I be
You must be Halle Berry
I don't need to see your Id


Gone bob your head
Gone work your shoulder
Now what I just said girl do it on tha dick
Age ain't shit
I done got a lil older
Me or you man baby girl take a pic (Which one)
She so classy, she's so jazzy (yea)
Lil momma blow like a ref
Do it on tha dick
She don't need no help
She say she got it
She do it all by her self
Shawdee do it sick wit it
(Get so fine)
Like a god damn ticket
Gave her a hickey
In order for a nig like me to spend cash
You gotta bounce like shocks in your ass
You, bed, ass, work
Start slow fas-ter
Mr. Halle Berry
Mr. Take your bitch
Take her from tha club
To tha car to tha dick (Superstar)


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