Don't Go

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Don't Go
  • Don't Go


J. Holiday

In the doorway
About to leave me for good this time
She's standing
Handing me my chain
And the keys and the bracelet
I got her for our two years
She said there's nothing left to do here
There's no more love
I'm leaving you here
And she turned away
And I see two years fall to the ground

I'm saying don't go
Cause you make sleeping difficult
You make it difficult for me
Don't go
And you make eating difficult
You make it difficult for me
Don't go
It's almost impossible
Almost impossible to breathe
Don't go
Cause you make living difficult
When you're not here with me

And I can tell that deep in her heart
She would like to stay
Because she loves me
And she knows that I love her too
She just hates the way I get neglectful
And some times a little disrespectful
In front of my friends
Baby don't let go
Cause all that I need is you (You)
So as a fool


Cause it makes no sense
To break-up over silly arguments
If we both know
That what we've got is real
So I'm begging you don't go baby


You make it difficult

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