Things I've Been Through

The Last Kiss, 4 minutes

Things I've Been Through
  • Things I've Been Through



I just want to Thank y'all for taking the time to listen
I appreciate that

Yo regular TV to cable from bouncing label to label
Just trying to get the horse out the stable
Was once part of a dynasty, well least I was trying to be
Think it was the time when I was finding me
Sitting in the spot with the dimes willing to do anything to be a bad boy at the time
Then I rolled the dices nah the money didn't add up
But just that whole experience it was priceless
No free rides to the bank on top of that was the untimely demise of Frank (BI)
Then the No Way Out Tour we was smoking outdoor spent 80 stacks on C LO that without tour
Videotape it all I still watch it, now travel the world learn how to rock a crowd
It ain't much but it beats poor Things that I been through is all I can speak for

[Chorus: Luther]
I can only speak for the things that I been through
I can only speak for the things that I been through

Now I'm on Ruff Ryder Interscope same shit Partnership Joint Venture 50/50 same split
Jimmy put the money up two singles off of we are the streets
Then after that seem like he was done with us but it wasn't over yet
Styles had a plan from the jump which was to come out with my solo next
Things a little better these the niggas that I been doing it with forever so I'm like whatever
First album dropped promotion was hella Every stage I rocked performance was stella
Had the whole world ready to ride or die for me and I wasn't platinum I was just side money
X was bringing the mulla I was in the hood in the kitchen with the digital ruler
I can't tell bout the evil me do, I can only speak for the things that I been through

[Chorus: Luther]
I can only speak for the things that I been through
I can only speak for the things that I been through

As far as the LOX we all fine cellar is all wine
Selfish for me to say Roc Fella is all mine cause it ain't
I'm just a another employee that's on line trying to get my act together and do it one more time
Twenty-one gunz salute with all nines and I know it's on me to make sure we all shine (Gotta)
Fall Back let the weed contact your mind,
Confined all bull shit in any contract you sign
If you from the streets though it's plenty of loop holes to eat
Yo once they let you in your suppose to keep doe
But I can't give you the formula I'm on it though
Expect the worst the outcome is enormous though stay humble
Still keep your heat for insurance though
Things that I been through to get it weren't normal yo
Yeah This is what my heart beats for
Things that I been through is all that I can speak for


Written by Vandross, Luther / Phillips, Jason T.
Published by EMI Music Publishing

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