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  • Oxygen


Jesse McCartney

Baby you're a star
Unrolling out the red carpet for you on the floor
Cause independent everything
I'm gonna give you when you come to my door
And I made you the air I'm taking
Without you I'm suffocating I can't let you go
Cause everything as I don't need around me
I've been hooked since you found me
Baby look how I'm diving below

Girl you are my oxygen [Repeats]
Girl you are my oxygen yeah
Without you don't think I can live no
Cause baby I'm your advocate yeah
Girl you are my oxygen whoa

What good are money and clothes
And million dollar homes
If I ain't got you around
Cause see the thought of you gone
Leaving me here all alone
The tears start rolling down
Let me kiss your fingertips and your lips
Baby it's something I can't live without
Cause everyone else around
Don't mean a thing I got everything I need
Baby in your love I'm swimming out


One second without you know that I'd die for sure
On depending on you I can't do this on my own

Everything else I can do without I hope you know
You are my oxygen without you I couldn't live

Oh who oh who oh who u huh


Oxygen oh who Oxygen oh who Oxygen oh who ah huh

I can't breathe

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