Too Cool To Fall In Love

Things Here Are Different, 4 minutes

Too Cool To Fall In Love
  • Too Cool To Fall In Love


Jill Sobule

I caught you watching me
You thought I didn't see
By the way that you stared
I know there's something there
Your smile sometimes shows
What you don't want me to know
There's a warmth inside your hide (I can feel)
That would start a flame
Your little secret stays with me (don't you know)
I'll never give it away

Oh you're too cool to fall in love
You're too cool to fall in love
Only fools have open hearts
You're too cool

So distant, so free
Pretending mystery
Calculating every move
Tell me what you got to prove
It doesn't matter what we do (no one cares)
So why you are still playing safe
And don't you know I would give my heart and soul
I'm not the one who's afraid


You don't have to act this way
What ya got to lose
I would love to hear you say
I do love you


You're too cool

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