Joe Diffie

All Because Of A Baby Boy

Mr. Christmas, 3m 26sec

All Because Of A Baby Boy
  • All Because Of A Baby Boy


Joe Diffie

Up and down the street tonight
There's a Santa Claus at every light
Trees for sale on the corner lot
Waiting for a home

Everywhere across the land
Gifts are wrapped with loving hands
Around the world as children sleep
A star begins to glow

And somewhere, someone quietly explains
To a loved one what all this means

Two thousand years ago
The sky was bright with the heavenly host
Peace on Earth, good will towards men
Has been hangin' in ever since
From that night and forevermore
Every man, whether rich or poor
Will share the love, the hope, and joy
All because of a baby boy

When Christmas day is finally here
And friends and family gather near
Memories shared from seasons-past
And a little child will ask

The someone, somewhere will quietly explain
To a loved one what all this means


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