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John Mellencamp

You may drive around in your town
Ina brand new shiny car
Your face in the wind your haircut's in
And your friends think you're bizarre
You may find a cushy job and I hope that you go far
But if you really want to taste some cool success
You better learn to play guitar

Play guitar--play guitar (3X)

You got your eyes on the cheerleader queen
And you're walkin' her home from school
You know that she's only seventeen
But you know that your a fool
You know you can't touch this stuff
Without money or a brand new car
Let me give you some good advice young man
You better learn to play guitar


All women around the world want a phony rock star
Who plays guitar

Well you can pump your iron and shine your shoes
And wear your hair just right
You go down out on cruisin' street
'Cause you want to score tonight
We all want to strut our stuff
And you really want to show your scars
Forget all about that macho shit
And learn how to play guitar


Written by Crane, Larry / Mellencamp, John / Ross, Dan
Published by EMI Music Publishing

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