Favorite Girl

Redemption's Son, 6 minutes

Favorite Girl
  • Favorite Girl


Joseph Arthur

In your version of this world
Your everybody's favourite girl
But that don't mean i'll be the victim
Of any pain you are inflecting today

I don't know what I should do
I've been so happy being
So unhappy with you, but I just had a revalation
My heart's been dying of starvation
I need somebody who will feed me

And if salvation only comes when you fall
Oh lord
It's so hard for me to believe
Oh lord
I'm still waiting for you to call
Oh lord
Trapped inside my memory
Oh lord

Pretending to be someone
You know nothing about
Oh, i wish you were
Someone i knew nothing about

Your looking for any explanation
Your words only find a meaning in between
what's real and what will only ever be
You dream

Written by Arthur, Joseph Lyburn
Published by EMI Music Publishing

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