Endless Helpless Hoping

Josh Gracin, 3 minutes

Endless Helpless Hoping
  • Endless Helpless Hoping


Josh Gracin

Let me understate how I adore
How I admire and more
And walk a hole in the floor
Like a fast freight train screaming through the dark
Makin' a penny of my heart
And that's just where it starts

My lonely nights turn to days
My lonely days turn to how my life is goin'
Endless helpless hoping
I can dream and I can believe
But you're the only one who can heal this heart that's broken
Endless helpless hoping

All the words I write just don't impress
They don't leave my desk
And like me it's a mess
I try to tell you but you tell me that you're my friend
How could I let that end
So I just let you love him


Now I know how a widow staring at the sea feels
Waitin' for a ship to come home
Waitin' there all alone


Hoping, hoping, hoping

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