Julian Lennon

Make It Up To You

Mr. Jordan, 4m 46sec

Make It Up To You
  • Make It Up To You


Julian Lennon

I've been waiting in line
I don't have the heart to say goodbye
It's only money
But it won't be much longer
Till we say goodbye
And you know I'm a sentimental kind of thing
And you know if I work hard and I sing

I'm gonna make it up
Gonna make it up to you
Got to make it up
Got to make it up to you

I'm just waiting my time
I'm trying so hard to work it out
It's sometimes funny
But we'll hold on to our love
Till we cry goodbye
And you know I'm gonna try a little harder everyday
Cause in this life you gotta work hard
To pay


But if my lovin' doesn't hold our love together
I'll be washing my blues away
And if your lovin' can go on until forever
We'll be livin' the news every single day


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