Kardinal Offishall

Bad Like We Bad


Not 4 Sale, 3m 40sec

Bad Like We Bad
  • Bad Like We Bad


Kardinal Offishall

Reaching out to di people dem
Ounno seh dem got it
Dem have a clean heart and a firm meditation
Ounno have dat droppa sleep
And dem a get back up later
Yo! Dat wi seh, hold on,
We nah hold back nuh talk
Need a work wi a work
Live and direct pon a new case
A so di ting go, a weh wi seh now

Being twenty-one and alive is not an accomplishment
Where I come from yo that's a prerequisite
Eff etiquette check the T-Dot consulate
Any bad talk outta ya mout y'affi cancel it
Niggas wanted to be the king but they couldn't handle it
Too busy tryna sell a ki and a gram for it
Get a little success and they sell out they man for it
Mr. Kardinal's coming now cause the streets are in demand for it
Weh dem man a feel like when the rappers are rappin' again
Niggas are tryna get that money and they scrappin' again
All dem likkle punks who couldn't flow they trappin' again
Or they back to Burger King, or they back inna di pen
(Aiyyo where di Ras yout'?) Light closing again
If you're looking for me I'm three hours from Michigan
Talk like Goliath and black like Michelin
All hands dash dem up! Di Kardi on a mission an we

Bad like we bad like we bad-eh
Buss up di place Brooklyn to Bagdad-eh
Money deya but we act like we ain't never had it
Ro' pass di handles t'war and let me get hardcore hey yo!
(A weh dem feel?) Ay, A weh dem feel like?
(A weh ya feel?) Eh, A weh ya feel like?
(A weh dem feel?) Cho, a weh dem feel like?
(A weh ya feel?) Eh, A weh ya feel like?

Hello out there can anybody hear me?
Here I am here I am! I know my ego will cheer me
I'm five steps from insane one line from your girl
I'm one hit away from destroying the whole world
My names Kardinal listen here, they want you to live in fear
Programming your brain like a P-V-R listen clear
Some a dem a likkle queer, tell dem fi come outta here
Bad man nuh revere, press record Mr. Engineer!
In the air I will appear, a nuh nothin' yes mi dear
Kardinal is here to see ya jump around nuh shed a tear
Some niggas are brigadiers, they better disappear
I will call the cavalry and come runnin' like cavalier
Whatever ya overhear, listen wit a bigga ear
Sometime what ya heard is not di word it ain't nothin' sincere
This is a world premiere shout it from the auctioneer
Block, stop talk di ting deh pon cock! And yo we

[Chorus: x2]

Ya mon a mi Tasha Rosez, Guns and Roses how ya mean
We deya! Live and direct pon a new case a so di ting go
A weh wi seh now, all hands set its how ya mean
Kardinal Offishall to di world
A bun wi a go bun dem pon dem chune ya yo
Come wi a come fi dun out some a di fucka dem ya nah
Some a di pussy dem weh di out a road a watch people
Bra-business yo!


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