The Devil In Me

Don't Look Away, 4 minutes

The Devil In Me
  • The Devil In Me


Kate Voegele

Far in the distance
This is the view from the other side
How did I let this pass me by?
You took me from granted,
Blended thorns in this garden of mine
What are the chances my hope has died?
Didn't have mercy
You unnerved me
I don't deserve this pain, no

So don't break my heart
I ain't never done
Nothing to deserve this
I'm torn apart
You've had your part
Do you suppose I earned it?
Do you not see
How I'm begging on my knees?
No don't speak, don't breathe,
You bring out the Devil in me

Thinking it over
Those were days dark as ebony nights
The end of October seemed like a life time
I had a suspicion
But didn't want to believe you a lie
You had a mission
To prove me right

You took my trust
Ground it to dust
Found out I know better yea yeah


And I don't wanna feel the pain
And I don't want another day
Shackled to your ball and chain
You're entirely a pain
And I'm so tired of explaining
The sensation I've known over time

I don't ever care that there is
No charity in your heart
Could you spare me, I've done my part? Yeah

[Chorus x2]

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