A Thrill A Moment

The Complete Motown Singles, Volume 5: 1965, 3 minutes

A Thrill A Moment
  • A Thrill A Moment


Kim Weston

A thrill a moment, holding hands
A thrill a moment, making plans
& as I look into your eyes
I see paradise & holidays
& 1000 lovely ways to spend
A thrill a moment

A thrill a moment each time you speak
A thrill a moment, words sound so sweet
& as the words just fill my heart
Within my heart, you ring a bell
That sways & tells how swell it is to spend
A thrill a moment

Love, exciting you are
Hey love, inviting you are
So wrong, so rare, how sweet, how fair, just a...

Thrill a moment, just loving you
Each precious moment I find a new
Delicious, delightful desire
To hold you close & leave you never
& spend a life of love with you forever

Written by Hunter, Ivy Jo / Weston, Kim / Stevenson, William / Ales, Barney
Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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