Just Loving You

Motortown Revue - 40th Anniversary Collection, 3 minutes

Just Loving You
  • Just Loving You


Kim Weston

My whole life is only worth
The moments that I spend, ooh, just loving you
Yes indeed, it's you, it's you that keeps me strong
When times are bad & things go wrong
And I wanna spend from now on, yeah yeah, just loving you
Yeah, I can't help it, I can't help it, darling

It's the way that I feel about you
When you're around, love has me bound
Strange, strange as it seems, ooh
It's your love that fills my world
And I'll skip through life like a foolish girl
'Cause I wanna spend from now on just loving you
Yeah, I wanna spend my life just loving you

Written by Allen, Johnny / Stevenson, William
Published by EMI Music Publishing

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