Lil' Romeo

My Baby

Lil' Romeo,3 mins, 41 secs

My Baby
  • My Baby


Lil' Romeo

(caller)Can I request a song?
(caller)"my baby"by Lil Romeo(giggling)
(deejay)You got that

(chorus:Lil Romeo and a girl singing)
G:oh Romeo give me a chance
R:uh uhh too young I don't need a girlfriend
G:walk me home from school anyway
G:oh Romeo the cutest boy I know
R:I know I know
G:So let me be your girlfriend

[Lil Romeo]
They call me Lil P i represent the cp3
Calliope ya heard me straight from New Orleans
I got a uncle named silkk and a uncle named see
I been dribblin a ball since the age of 3
I got game like kobe dunkin like poppa p
cause i'm in the zone ain't no stoppin me
Cause i can jump a baby hummer,girls be jokin me
them miller boys waer no limit gear from head to feet
it's like that whodi(you got me crazy)
It's like that whodi(I want to be ya baby)
It's like that whodi(why won't you be my baby)
it's like that whodi(can't no girl fade me)


[Lil Romeo]
11 yrs old, makin a's and be 's
and these lil mamis can't keep they hands off me
If you see me in the street holla "what's up doc'
I got a bugs bunny chain and a matchin a watch
I make ya'll jump like kriss kross,bounce like bow
I'm the next generation I came to lock it down
i'm a little boy but i live a big man's life
got girls passin notes tryin to be my wife
got grown women, wantin to be in my life
by the time I'm 18 i'm not gone be nuttin nice
I'm that are-O-M-E-O
after highschool, I'm goin straight to the pros


{girl singing}
Soldier boy i want you to myself,i don't want those girls around
you're the flyest thing up in here boy and that's why it's goin down
i heard they call you Romeo,well i'm ya Juliet
You must be playin hide and seek, cause boy your hard to get
Romeo {fire boys make those elbows swing)
Romeo {fire boys make those elbows swing}
fire girls make those elbows swing
(fire boys make those elbows swing fire girls make those elbows swing)repeat

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