Lil' Troy

Still A Bitch


Sittin' Fat Down South, 3m 21sec

Still A Bitch
  • Still A Bitch


Willie D

Bitch wanna die 'cause she know I caught her lyin'

I met her in a bar, outside a little part of Texas
Never know she's sleepin' 'round on me
I found about it one night when we were sexin'
'Cause she accidentally called me Gee

Now you're lyin', fake cryin'
Wanna die 'cause you know you a tramp in my book
Misleadin', steady cheatin'
You run the street and you know you a bitch in my book

Now Lil' Jane, I guess that's what we'll call her
Had all the homies goin' crazy
Had to join a convent, wanted to be a baller
Now the bitch fuck every guy she see

See you a slut and in the mud and
Havin' fun and you're still a bitch in my book
Trampin', soon you die, bitch
And that's why you just a bitch in my book

Now I'm livin' lost, don't know where my next meal is
Had to try and find a way
'Cause you left the house and you took everything I deal with
Now bitch I'm wonderin' where you stay

See you a die-hoe, I'll bravo
I'll kill you, still a bitch in my book
Loaded and smokin'
Now I'm blowin' 'cause you a bitch in my book

Just a bitch in my book
This hoe is a slut in my book

Just a tramp, I'm sick and tired of feedin' whores
Every time I'm walkin' down the street
And I'm sick and tired of always seein' closed doors
Wanna slap every tramp I meet

See you started then you parted
Now you bought in, still a tramp in my book
Low-life, do Snow White
Now you crow and you're still a bitch in my book

Know that, I go there
I'll beat you, you still a bitch in my book
Holdin' these

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