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Purple Heart

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Purple Heart
  • Purple Heart


Lucy Woodward

My purple heart, all red and blue
Still lingers on the thought of you
Thou it's just a little stain
I was hoping it would fade by now
Thou it's over done and said
It's heavier than lead somehow

It lights a spark, leaves a residue
It burns in me, all the embers of you
It's a darkest lullaby, tucks me in but still I lie awake
'Cuz that morning sun will rise
And I hope I'm not the same as yesterday

You would think that I'm okay from the outside looking in
Yes I'm hard on myself but that's just the way I am
So I put it in a box and I keep it locked away
For as long as I can
I picture you alone and you're picking up the pieces
I know I let you down
But I swear I had my reasons to let you go

But I'm just stuck with this purple heart, all red and blue
Still lingers on the thought of you
I know you can't forgive but I don't want to regret
The life I would have lived if I didn't say the things I said

I'll surrender to this purple heart
It's no longer pumping red, this purple heart
The darkest shade of blue, this purple heart

Written by Woodward, Lucy / Ripoll, Michael Douglas
Published by Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

Lyrics Provided By LyricFind Inc.

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