Our Big Mistake

Marc Broussard (Deluxe), 4 minutes

Our Big Mistake
  • Our Big Mistake


Marc Broussard

It's been so long since I kissed your lips
I still think about that day
Looking back
At old photographs
Baby is it wrong for me to say
That I don't feel too strong
I feel weak
I'm still here all alone
And when I fall asleep

I see you when I close my eyes
And baby you're right next to me
Holding me
I feel you when I see the sun rise
I'm wondering where you could be
Cause everything has gone away
And now I'm trying so hard to make it
But I still think that saying goodbye was
Our big mistake

The scent of you
Still on your pillow
Makes me think I'm holding you
When the morning comes
I wish you were there
To wake me up the way you do
So will you pick up the phone
So I can hear you speak
I'm still here all alone
And every night I fall asleep


Oh, we will both played a part
With all the things that we've done wrong
I'm not trying to ignore
But a part of me is gone
And I don't wanna feel this way anymore


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