I'm In Love With You

Only Love Can Break A Heart, 3 minutes

I'm In Love With You
  • I'm In Love With You


Margaret Whiting

I'm in love with you
But you're in love with Jim (MW) I am huh-uh
Jim's in love with Joan
But Joan is gone on Slim
Slim just goes for Mae
And Mae idolizes Fred
But Fred dreams of the day that he and Kay will wed

We're on a carousel turning at a busy pace
Well everyone's in love and no one's getting any place
What's this I hear about Kay
Oh Kay's in love with Dan
But Dan's in love with Sue
Sue says I'm her man says I'm her man
But I've got news for Sue
I'm in love with you

I went out with Sue
So Dan went back to Kay
Fred became so blue
That he went back to Mae
Then Mae got on the phone
To kind of patch things up with Slim
Slim went back to Joan
But she'd gone back to Jim
Jim figured you and Joan complicated normal life
I know what you mean
So he said goodbye and then he went back to his wife
Then when you could see that you and Jim were through
You came back to me
And I've got news for you
I'm in love with you yes I'm in love with you

Written by DE PAUL, GENE / RAYE, DON
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group

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