Mark Evarts

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    Bear Song of Peter Wood / Old Hand Game Song / Ghost Dance Hand Game Song (medley)Mark Evarts
    Buffalo Dance Song 1 / Buffalo Dance Song 2 / Hoop and Pole Game Song / Greetings, Mother Earth / Baby Stop Crying, Look Upward at Father Sky! (medley)Mark Evarts
    War Song: First Council with U.S. / War Song: Sioux Attack on Pawnee / War Song: Horse Raiding Expedition / War Song: Pawnee Raid on Cheyenne (medley)Mark Evarts
    Love Song / Man's Love Song / Woman's Love Song 1 / Woman's Love Song 2 / Woman's Love Song 3 / Peyote Song (medley)Mark Evarts
    Deer Dance Song: Mescal Bean 1 / Deer Dance Song: Morning Star / Deer Dance Song: Spring / Deer Dance Song: Mescal Bean 2 (medley)Mark Evarts


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