Minnie Riperton

Stick Together

Capitol Gold: The Best Of Minnie Riperton, 6m 16sec

Stick Together
  • Stick Together


Minnie Riperton

Every time I look at you,
I remember all that we've been through;
No I can't imagine living without you.
I don't need no symphony,
I hear music when you're lovin' me;
You make all the world revolve in harmony.

Oh, baby, let's stick together,
Just like two birds of a feather do;
Life's such a pleasure with you.
Oh, baby, let's stick together,
Wand we will ride stormy through;
Until each grey sky turns blue.

Though no riches to speak of,
We possess the world's most priceless: love.
Heaven sent us something special from above.

Precious moments come alive,
Happiness is layin' by your side;
And there's still so many dreams we've yet to try.

Oh, baby, let's stick together,
Just like two birds of a feather do;
I found my treasure in you.
Oh, baby, let's stick together,
'Cause there's nothin' I'd rather do,
Than stick together with you.

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