Oh Yeah, It Feels So Good

Home Again, 6m 03sec

Oh Yeah, It Feels So Good
  • Oh Yeah, It Feels So Good


New Edition

Oh yeah, it feels so good
This is for the hundred dollar billers
For my butter pican ricans
And my chocolate playboy bunnies
Feels so good

Oh yeah, it feels so good
To be back were we belong
Oh yeah it feels so good
This is where we started from

Everybody let's take a ride
Everybody just come inside
On a journey
Let's go back in time
I'll keep the feelin' right

Everybody it's time to play
Come on everybody let yo' Discman sway
Forget all the other sounds
'Cause new edition is what's going down

[Ralph And Ricky:]
Now the time has come
To return as one
And it's never been better
And now, I never though this day would come
And it feels so good to me
To be back where we belong


(This is where we started from)

Been too long it's time to get in the mood
Something to make you move
A lil' something that's in this groove
It'll be alright
Nobody's humpin' around tonight
And baby your mama need not to get it
'Cause N.E. is damn sho nuff comin' with it

[Mike & Ron:]
Fancy cars 'n' everything
Silk, slips and trips to Rio
Playin' see-low with the gamblers
Lear jets and different sets
Placin' bets big Willie style
I gots the frequent flyer miles
I'm goin' places Atlantic City to Vegas
Leaving no traces
Sippin' bubblie with familar faces
Me and my crew, long overdue
Jimmy and Terry
With the N. to the E.
The money making recipe

[Chorus x 2]

We're comin'
We're comin' back from a long hiatus
It's the greatest
The latest craze
To hit the stages
Be amazin'
Sold out nights
Spotlights, and fights for tickets
Dips with picket signs
Standing in line
For hours and days
Gettin' weak
Fiendin' for my peak
Of that N. E. mystic
Know what I mean
As we play upon the scene
Big money players
Coming clean with the green

Now the time has come
And we have just begun
We're coming loud and clear
N.E.'s back and in your ear
Ain't nothing gonna stop us now
We've gotta stay together some how
We're back where we belong
And it feels so...
And it feels so good

[Chorus x 2]

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