New Edition

Start Turnin' Me On

One Love, 3m 38sec

Start Turnin' Me On
  • Start Turnin' Me On


New Edition

(When you) start turning me on
I just react
(When you) start turning me on
I can't hold back
(When you) start turning me on
I give it to you and

It started scratching, sweating, mourning
My body is growing hotter in Georgia
I want'cha beside me all over my body
Don't worry my neighbors to old to hear us baby when you

Start turning me on
I just react
(When you) start turning me on
I can?t hold back
(When you) start turning me on
I give it to you and
Start turning me on
Don't stop what you doing

What do you want me to taste first
(Baby it don't matter at all)
As long as I feel your thirst
(Baby got me climbing the wall)
All I request is 3000 seconds
Of your time your soul
Baby I lose control when you


When we start touching, kissing and grinding
Got me open temperatures rising
I start shaking, moving and grinding
Don't want you to hold back the climax
Let it go and show me your love girl
Hold me when its all set and done girl
We can do this thing every time
That you start turning me on

You turning me on and on and on and
First thing in the morning the middle we yawning
Your word is born you all I think about
When the snow fall the minks be out
Diamonds and links be out
We in the club where all the drinks be out
Where the thugs and all the freaks be out
Won't you peep me out
Approach me and try to sneak me out
Whoever thought you take the kinky route, ouch

Pain is pleasure
Mommy Ronnie had game forever
Mommy my hobbies ain't chains and leather
Mommy my hobbies be planes and cheddar
And the strangest weather
And the Mohabe didn't rain forever
But in the club its a different perspective
Dance floor electric Ronnie a star mommy its hectic
Since 83' the ladies be in my Mercedes 3
Yo whatever the ladies be so please believe

[Chorus till End]

[Ad lib Outro]
Oh, turning me babe
You turn me on, you turn me on babe
Girl I'm about to lose my mind
Please don't stop what you doing oh, oh babe
And I think I like it, babe

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