Pistol Pistol (Remix)


Eminem Presents The Re-Up, 2 minutes

Pistol Pistol (Remix)
  • Pistol Pistol (Remix)


Obie Trice

O' Trice c'mon

[Obie Trice]
Yeah, niggas got me, I'm a get 'em, it ain't ovah

You can catch me in the whip with a fifth of pimp juice
And I'm poppin' a clip, 'bout to fix this issue
Ya pray that I don't hit, I ain't equipped to miss you
Ya gonna need an ambulance to stitch ya tissue
Or either have a bag on ya hip to shit through
Ya seen us on the Ave ain't just to get you
While my penis is a mag when I lift it hit you
Cause I don't go nowhere without my pistol pistol

Solemnly swear, on my daughters tears, the nigga that got 'em in the head
To fill it before the year ends, I hope ya inconspicuous my friend
Cause once the word get back you in a world of sin (Sin!)
Bullets will hurdle at him for tryin' ta murder whats, been determined
As the first solo African (Me!) It go platinum with an accident that
Happened with maggots I'm alive with vengeance to get back my momma's
Blood pressure was affected from that my little girl needed a daddy
On the phone at a certain time exact now, and niggas act wild, when
The mac come out, ya niggas exiled (BLA-OW!) and I don't wanna hear
X - Y - Z, Im X'ing out your whole entity for tryin' ta kill me (Me nigga!)
Filthy muthafuckas I'll show you a real B when he's H2B light up your
Kidneys I'm so sincere you're sayin' it hurts this year, its not a verse
It's a curse for birds and what's on your purse and over here this is Obie
Here I'm clear, niggas beware I'm coming at you with firearms and yeah (Yeah!)
Your purpose on superflowas how can I be merciful when merky needs
Mercenary school nigga I got paper I had your ass urgently exposed
No emergencies bring ya back ya souls, slugs shatter ya bones pat pat me
In the dome, learn this pattern we catch 'em at home, we wrong, that's when
Automatics sporadically catch 'em in the abdomen another dirty muthafuckas gone.


Written by Johnson, Rufus B / Carlisle, Von M / Moore, Ondre C / Holton, De Shaun Dupree / Porter, Denaun M / Mathers, Marshall B Iii
Published by EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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