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I've searched through every city; every country
To find a girl (the perfect girl)
A girl who'll be the one; the one to marry
To marry me (to marry me)

I came I saw I conquered just like Caesar
Or so it seems (yes so it seems)
A knight in shining armour on a charger
The stuff of dreams (the stuff of dreams).

Mamma Mia what am I to do?
All these beauties, which one will I choose?
Could it be her? Or maybe her?
I just don't know who it should be

So, I'll take them home to mama and let her decide for me.
In Spain I met Maria; full of fire
What Latin style
In France it was Elisa; such a teaser

That made me smile
The English girl was pretty what a pity
She was so shy, I wonder why?
And Lorna from California I should warn ya

Was free and wild, and I mean wild!
Mama Mia, what a mess I'm in!
Endless choices, where do I begin?
Could it be her? Or maybe her?

Perhaps Suzanne or Emily?
How will I know if she's the girl to love and hold eternally?
O, I'll take her home to mama and let her decide for me!

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