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Definition Of Real,3 mins, 49 secs

1 Day
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Man I hope yall can excuse me for a lil' minute man
Just sitting here thinking bout my little partner
Who just got killed man its wild tho
How the motherfuckers you love the most
Seem like them the ones who always die first homie
Dog I just wish I had the opportunity
To just bring my nigga back for just 1 day homie

[Chorus: x2]
Wish I can bring my nigga back for 1 day
And Take him by the daycare to see his son play
And go to show him how his baby momma done went stray
And how them fuck niggas who claiming
They love you done walked away

[Verse 1]
God give me my nigga for 24 hours
So we can ride and laugh at these pussy ass cowards
Get to the liquor park and let's talk for hours
Show him how if the nigga die how they lose they power
Nigga forget about ya dog after they give you them flowers
Ol' trifling ass baby momma done got wilder
Now she fucking the nigga you robbed with the pink impala
Like I told you before dog that ho sour
You can fuck these hoes dog but don't handle them
Bitch you ain't got shit dog money arouse them
After a nigga dead and gone they lose they value
Ho cried at ya funeral and changed right after

[Chorus: x2]

[Verse 2]
When you first died a nigga sat around ya momma all day
But since ya funeral them niggas ain't went that fuckin' way
Cause when you die yo dogs suppose to step to the plate
You ain't gotta worry I got her I'll make sure she straight
Make you question if the love was real or was it fake
Out of sight out of mind I guess it's true what they say
When you was here them ones was main niggas in yo face
You ain't gotta deal wit them fuck niggas you in a better place
I almost cried when I seen yo son the other day
You couldn't deny that one boy look like you all the way
I thought love was forever I guess that ain't the case
First you die then they bury ya the niggas walk away

[Chorus: x2]

[Verse 3]
I'm sitting right here homie eyes full of tears
Never thought that pain last this many years
One thing I've learned from all of this shit life real
Rep yo name till I die homie that's how I feel
Watch how everything changed since you got killed
Two days after you died niggas broke in yo crib
Niggas saying yo lil' cousin the one who sold yo wheels
This shit probably shouldn't fuck with me but it really is
Motherfuckers showed me what Shasta really is
What's gone happen to me after I die one of my biggest fears
See what my partner done been through got me scared to live
I pray to god my life don't end like his

[Chorus: x2]

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