Project Pat

Still Ridin' Clean


Layin' Da Smack Down (Explicit Version), 3m 39sec

Still Ridin' Clean
  • Still Ridin' Clean


Project Pat

[Chorus x2]
Still ridin clean, makin cheese, and gettin my dick sucked
Still makin cheese, ridin clean, and gettin my dick sucked

[Project Pat]
I swear I'm going through a thang but I gotta snap back
Give it all to God its tha pistol but tha crack back
Stayin on my job dealin wit hatas wit a jap slap
Dealin wit this mob lice watchin studio phone tapped
You best believe that I could see it from a mile away
Thought that my girl was down sleepin wit tha enemy
Tha streets are dangerous I could be dead anyday
That's why I'm ridin wit my dog smokin plenty hay
Thi shit contagious doin dope and its killin me
Even though I know I hit tha snow is you feelin me
I'm lookin good twenty-three's on that flippin paint
Them twelve golds in my mouth makin these bitches faint
Now can't a nigga see I ain't got no time for games
I'm on this Hennessey and I'm quick to shoot dat thang
But fuck dat one of my young niggas'll take tha charge
I'm stackin loot muthafuck lookin behind some bars

[Chorus x4]

[Project Pat]
Out slangin brickas tha project nigga row-a
A playa that's fa show-a I'm chargin a hoe-a
You weak niggas know-a you step and I fire
Yo life will expire you need to retire
Yo bitch call me sire she flat like a tire
Shot nut in her eye-a on that I don't lie-a
Tha fact of tha matter she blow out tha frizzame
I keep me some powder so I'm gettin brizzain
I'm out dodgin felonies and fuck dat coke
Cause a nigga lovin these streets and that's of course
Mane I hate to see tha judge face and that's fa sho
Prayin that he'll drop the charge and let me go
Cause I like smokin good green Motel-io
Stick my dick in a hoe'

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