Raimund Herincx

Raimund Herincx

Top Songs

The Pilgrim's Progress, Epilogue: "Now hearer, I have told my dream to thee" (Bunyan)
Scène 3: Seigneur!
No.42 Scène: "Enée!..."
No.40 Duo: "Par Bacchus! ils sont fous"
I Capuleti e i Montecchi, Act 1 Tableau 2 Scene 2: No. 7, Finale, "Deh! per pietà t'arresta" (Lorenzo, Romeo, Chorus)



This English vocalist is most famous for a series of roles created specifically for him in contemporary works by Sir Michael Tippett, Maxwell Davies, Hans Werner Henze, and others. One of the bass and baritone's prime achievements has been singing the role of the White Abbot in the Covent Garden production of the Davies opera Taverner, which he has performed in both the '70s and the '80s. He also created the part of the Governor in Henze's We Come to the River and Faber in Tippe... Read more

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