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Stone Rollin', 4m 13sec

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Raphael Saadiq

Dream on, dream on

Stop, saying again it's old and I be told
Try to help the child that's only four years old
Why? Why would sit back and relax
And watch them kids bump off the track
How? How can you sit on the side line and watch it go down
You, you need to make someone feel really proud
Rhythm is the key, can't you see,
Just don't do it for the ?

I, I was the boy in the little picture,
Always asking questions
But never getting really good answers
So I screamed out loud,
I said please give up the answers
Give up the answers, they need the answers

So people asked me how was life for me
Crawling out in a dark pretty city

It was scary, but life was good, see, in my neighborhood
In my neighborhood, in my neighborhood, in my neighborhood

It's all coming back to me now, see when I was growing up
There was a lot of people raising me
I didn't know what the time
But I listened to everything I heard, every man every woman
Every teacher, every preacher, yes I listened to
If you gonna do the same things, oh yes you do
Oh, months in the slums look all around you,
Help somebody find a way, oh yeah
We gotta show 'em the way, do it today, show 'em the way

Show them the way,
Don't let them find out the hard way
Show them the way.

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