Dr. Trevis


Dare Iz A Darkside, 2 minutes

Dr. Trevis
  • Dr. Trevis



(Press rewind if I haven't blown your mind)

[Dr. Trevis]

OK Redman on the count of three I want you to

completely forget how you did the first album

Erase data number four exhibit see why protanium

Now... what I want you to do is concentrate

Concentrate on how you will do the second album

No funk element too nucleus to the ninth power

Exhibit four L W

Now... when I count to three

I want you to fall into a deep mind of emotion

But before you do Redman, I want you to

Light this shit up high!


*somebody whimpers*

Tired of burning, ahhhh!

*whispered* Kill that motherfucker

Yeah, help me get out of here

*whispered voice cackles* Die nigga die!

I don't want to die

*whispered voice* Die! Hehehehehe

[Dr. Trevis]

I want you to concentrate very hard on how you will do the second album

I want you to take the funk where it has never gone

I want you to take this LP to where no other LP has risen

You son of a bitch!!

Dr. Trevis signing off

[Redman] *beginning of Bobyahed2dis music*


You are now about to enter the psychotic mind of Redman

Let's take a journey on a funk cosmic adventure

to where no other nigga or bitch has ever entered

Let me lick your funky emotions with my cosmic lyrics

From a place we call hell, and beyond...

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